x Can Aloe Vera cure, help, treat or prevent Asthma?
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Can Aloe Vera cure, help, treat or prevent Asthma?

The following information is for humans with Asthma

Introduction to Asthma

Asthma is when the respiratory tract within the lung becomes restricted causing a feeling of suffocation. It can be caused by
1) The bronchial muscle next to each lung contracting
2) Accumulation of mucous in the bronchial tube
3) Inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tube
The sufferer feels shortage of breath and frequent violent coughs

Using Aloe Vera for Asthma

Important Note:
This text refers to Aloe Vera as defined on our page Good Quality Aloe Vera. We also strongly recommend you read the FAQ: How Much Aloe Vera Should I Drink?

DO NOT STOP USING YOUR INHALER IF YOUR GP CURRENTLY RECOMMENDS ONE. You may feel ready to reduce your reliance on an inhaler later
Drink a very high quality Aloe Vera Gel two or three times daily. Generally 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch and last thing before bed. The amount you drink is up to you. Generally speaking start with a small amount (1 desert spoon, 3 times a day) and build it up (at least 2 tablespoons, 3 times a day). A 'maintenance dose of around 60ml two times a day should then suffice.
WHY? Aloe is naturally anti-inflamatory and so will calm the swelling in the tubes. Aloe is also a natural pain inhibitor and a natural cleanser so it will help boost the body's ability to remove mucous build ups.
Massage a mixture of Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera (where Aloe is the number one ingredient) into the skin on the front and back
WHY? The Eucalyptus oil stimulates blood movement near the skins surface. The Aloe takes the Eucalyptus deep into the skin where it can be more effective.

Another alternative is to put some Aloe Vera gel or juice in an atomizer and use it this way several times a day to prevent, rather than treat, an asthma attack.

How long will it take for Aloe Vera to work with Asthma?

Recovery time will depend on the overall state of health and the quality of the products used.

As a general rule of thumb you should allow one month for every year you have had asthma. Other factors will include other ailments you suffer from and the quality of your diet.

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  2. Make sure you have read the pages on Aloe Vera side effects, who can use Aloe Vera and good quality Aloe Vera first.
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Aloe Vera Brands

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