x Can Aloe Vera cure, help, treat or prevent Bleeding Gums?
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Can Aloe Vera cure, help, treat or prevent Bleeding Gums?

The following information is for humans with Bleeding Gums

Introduction to Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums (also known as 'gingivitis' or 'periodontitis') in most cases is not severe but brushing of the teeth often brings it on. The gums are weak from lack of nutrition and bacteria caught between the tooth and gum.
In extreme cases a secondary infection can cause swelling and tooth loss

Using Aloe Vera for Bleeding Gums

Important Note:
This text refers to Aloe Vera as defined on our page Good Quality Aloe Vera. We also strongly recommend you read the FAQ: How Much Aloe Vera Should I Drink?

Drink high quality Aloe Vera Gel two or three times a day. Take two tablespoons and hold the liguid in your mouth around the teeth for as long as possible, ideally 5 minutes. The antibacterial nature of Aloe will help fight off infection as well as begin a strengthening and healing process. Take the Aloe at least 30 minutes before breakfast and last thing before bed.
Refrain from using cheap abrasive toothpastes and try one with Aloe Vera as its number one ingredient. This will aid the gel in its work. If the state of the gums is severe use an Aloe Gelatine or Pure Aloe solution

How long will it take for Aloe Vera to work with Bleeding Gums?

As a general rule of thumb you should allow one month for every year you have had bleeding gums. This will vary depending on your overall state of health, other ailments you suffer from, and the quality of your diet.

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