x Can Aloe Vera cure, help, treat or prevent Cholesterol?
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Can Aloe Vera cure, help, treat or prevent Cholesterol?

The following information is for humans with Cholesterol

Introduction to Cholesterol

Cholesterol is naturally occurring in the body and is used to give strength and resistance to the exterior of the cell membrane. When there is too much cholesterol in the blood stream it can deposit itself on the walls of the arteries and begin obstructing required blood movement.

The symptoms will depend very much on where the blockages are. For example, blockages in arteries to the head can result in Facial Paralysis, Difficulty in speaking or remembering, Mental Confusion, Headache, etc.

Using Aloe Vera for Cholesterol

Important Note:
This text refers to Aloe Vera as defined on our page Good Quality Aloe Vera. We also strongly recommend you read the FAQ: How Much Aloe Vera Should I Drink?

Drink a regular dose of a very pure Aloe Vera Gel (2 tablespoons at least 30 minutes before breakfast and last thing at night
WHY? Aloe is a natural cleanser and will boost the body's own immune system to help bring the body back into balance. More importantly it will cleanse the digestive system and so aid a more effective absorption of the fish oils

Take a fish oil supplement that is high in Omega 3. The best type are those made from fish below the artic ice cap. Take 6 capsules daily, 2 before each meal
WHY? Omega 3 contains EPA, DHA and polyunsaturated fatty acids which all help lower the cholesterol levels in the blood arteries. We have seen dramatic decreases in Cholesterol in a matter of days using this method alone.
BE CAREFUL!: Omega 3 will remove cholesterol from the cell walls. It should be used with care and remember that you do not want to dislodge large amounts of cholesterol in one go so if in doubt start on a smaller amount of fish oils.

NOTE: Because the body needs cholesterol (a healthy level is not dangerous) there should not be an attempt to remove it from the diet completely. If Cholesterol levels are high, however, avois eating egg yolk, butter, certain Shellfish, entrails, chicken skin, meats and some dairy products

How long will it take for Aloe Vera to work with Cholesterol?

Recovery time will depend greatly on the diet and the quality of the fish oils being used. The Fish Oil market probably has more cowboys on it than any others (with the exception of Vitamins).

If the diet and the supplement are good you should see results within 2 to 3 weeks. In any case measure the cholesterol level regularly, especially if you are on conventional medication as you may need to consult your GP for an adjustment.

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Aloe Vera Brands

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