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  • Seeking medical advice - sorry we are not doctors and cannot give it. You MUST talk to your doctor and avoid making a self-diagnosis or a diagnosis based on advice received from internet sites or people you meet on the internet.
  • Which brand to buy - The Aloe Vera Site is independent. We do not recommend any particular brand. However we are currently building a database of various ailments alongside those who had success and which brands they used which is for your guidance.If you have an experience you could add to this so please click here.
  • There is an error on the website - please tell us! We are building and if we have got something wrong we need to know. However much of our refinements will come from user feedback. To see an example of a user feedback page click here.
  • The site could be better - Undoubtedly, and with your help. Please fill in the form with your thoughts
  • Technical problems - The site is in the Beta testing stage so please let us know what page it was and what went wrong to help us fix it.
  • Reply to me! - The Aloe Vera site is a not-for-profit, information-only site. While we value your comments and feedback we simply do not have the resources to reply to everyone but please rest assured we read every message carefully and give it full consideration.

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