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Aloe Vera as a cure

Tremendous caution should be taken to claims of Aloe Vera curing certain ailments and the following should be borne in mind:

  • There is little medical research for Aloe Vera although the reasons are explained on that page but it is worth reading some of the articles about aloe vera which cover some individual cases.
  • There are Aloe Vera side effects
  • These pages only relate to the use of Good Quality Aloe Vera
  • You should first read the page Who can use Aloe Vera
  • These pages are intended for sufferers who have had their ailment professionally diagnosed by a qualified medical practitioner. Self Diagnosis can be extremely dangerous as many serious conditions can mimic more simple ones. If you are not satisfied with the results from one doctor, be confident and ask for a second opinion. Doctors are only human, their knowledge cannot be all-encompassing and we all make mistakes

It should also be noted that Aloe Vera does not generally cure but instead treats symptoms. For example, you may find it beneficial with arthritis in relieving the pain but it will not treat the underlying ailment.

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