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Making a donation to The Aloe Vera Site

Thank you to all of you who have been in touch and asked how you can contribute to the running and development of The Aloe Vera Site. And thank you for making the effort to flaff around in PayPal to send us your donations!

We have now set up a more formal and easier way in which you can do this either with PayPal or by Credit Card. Depending which country you are based in you might also be able to do this with a bank transfer.

How much you want to donate is completely up to you - even $10 makes a difference.

To make a donation click the button below. If you don't have a PayPal account follow the instructions on the left hand side of the screen for alternative options.

Please Note: our PayPal donations service is run by Mamdom, the website company that created this page (this is the name you will see at the top of the page in the PayPal check out) but everything you donate comes directly to us.

And thank you once again from all of us here at The Aloe Vera Site. Whatever you donate it will all help make the site an even better and more useful page for the millions of people who want to know more about Aloe in a balanced and unbiased way - product free.