Aloe Vera plant

Pictures of Aloe Vera

These pictures have been gathered over time. We have endevoured to show the owner of the image where it is not our own but if your picture appears here and we have not attributed it correctly please contact us.

An Aloe Vera leaf cut open

When the leaf is cut open the clear inner gel can be seen. This immediately starts to oxidise and loose it's goodness.

Commercially grown Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera being grown commercially. When mature and ready for harvest it will be about 3-5 feet (1-1.5 meters) high.

Aloe leaf broken open

A mature Aloe Vera leaf just after it has been cut open.

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Aloe Vera growing in the wild

Aloe Vera can grow to the size of a small tree when it is not harvested.

Aloe Vera leaves harvested

Note only the larger leaves from the outside of the plant are taken as these are the most mature

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Aloe Vera pot plant

Even in very small pots Aloe can grow surprisingly large. The tips of the leaves can be broken off and the inner gel used for cuts and burns.

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Processing Aloe Vera leaves

The commercial production of Aloe Vera is big business but only a handful of companies do it properly.

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Small Aloe Vera plant

Small pot plants which produce leaves like this are excellent for cuts and burns but the gel is not mature enough to drink and will be of little benefit internally.

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Aloe Vera in blossom

Aloe Vera plants do blossom with red or yellow flowers. These are used to make tea which some claim helps aid digestion and relaxation.

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Aloe Vera with floppy leaves

Ideally Aloe Vera needs warm and windy conditions which strengthen the leaves. Without the wind they flop, as can be seen here.

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Aloe Vera leaf close up

Aloe Vera leaf with outer skin pulled back revealing inner gel

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