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This page relates to the purchase of aloe vera products. If you are looking for information on where to buy plants or leaves see our page Where can you get Aloe Vera.

This site is an information only resource. It is for this reason only that we can include details on how Aloe Vera can help with a variety of ailments but we do not recommend which Aloe Vera you should buy.

To recommend any particular product or products would be a criminal offence as we would be making a medical claim about a natural product (see Medical research for Aloe Vera for a full explanation).

However before you buy it is critical to point out there are some Aloe Vera products that work and some that don't. You can make a start understanding which are which by learning about Good Quality Aloe Vera.

From this you will understand that Aloe Vera is not a cheap product to produce. This is a plant that takes five years to grow to effective maturity and only in certain parts of the world and so if you want to buy the best quality Aloe Vera it will cost.

Generally speaking from retail outlets you should expect to pay about £60 / $120 for a litre of Aloe Vera that contains 90% or more gel and carries the genuine International Aloe Science Council seal of approval. This takes into account the margins required by the retailer, wholesaler and distribution network. Any less than this and you need to treat the product, in a retail outlet, with suspicion. It may not be bad for you but the Aloe content may be so low that you will feel no benefit.

Because Aloe Vera is expensive to produce many companies have introduced 'direct selling' through agents or distributors. This cuts out the middle men, such as warehouses and retailers, involved in the traditional distribution method and helps bring the price down. If you are looking to buy through an agent or direct distributor (no retail premises) expect to pay about £20 / $40 for a litre. Again, any less than this and there are questions to be asked about the quality of the product.

Due to the high level of emails we receive asking where you can buy Aloe Vera we are now placing our databases online. Note, you can find out more about the experience of other users by visiting our Aloe Vera Brands page which may help you choose which product is right for you.

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