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What do we know about Aloe Vera?

326 people have told us their experience with Aloe Vera of these  87%  said they found Aloe Vera beneficial for certain ailments or general health.  13%  felt side effects

If you have arrived here it is probably because you are confused.

And you are one of thousands every day that are - caught between doctors, colleagues, friends, websites and others who rave about the benefits of Aloe Vera and those who try to persuade you it is all nonsense.

The business of making and distributing Aloe Vera is largely unregulated as it is a natural product but the following are the absolute facts.

  • It has been used by millions of people who claim it has helped them with numerous ailments including:
    • Wound healing, eczema, psoriasis, burns, acne and stings (when applied on the skin).
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Other Bowel Disorders, ME, stress, colitis and diverticulitis (when taken orally).
  • There is a lack of medical research for Aloe Vera and this is with good reason.
  • There are Aloe Vera side effects.
  • Some people have tried it with absolutely no success at all and then asked "Does Aloe Vera really work?"
  • There are a large number of products on the market but very few are good quality Aloe Vera, especially juices.
  • There are qualified doctors who use it with their patients and some have even written books about Aloe Vera.

So come on in and we'll explain more

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