Aloe Vera plant

Is Aloe Vera medicinal?

Aloe Vera is not officially a medicine. The plant itself and the various brands on the market have not been "clinically tested" to be classed as medicinal. More information on the reasons behind this can found on the page Medical Research for Aloe Vera.

It is worth noting, however, that many over the counter drugs sold in chemists have never been clinically tested either except to ensure that they are harmless.

Medicinal Talk

This aside there is a great deal of medicinal talk that goes on around aloe vera because it us used by many, private individuals and doctors, in the treatment of a number of ailments and because large numbers of users claim it is very effective.

Thus it is not 'officially' medicinal and any individual brand that claims a particular medicinal use is 'officially' misleading.

If you are planning to take aloe vera in the treatment of an ailment we strongly recommend you:

In this way you can make an educated decision on which product would be best for your situation.

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